We will preserve precious environment for the future.

We will preserve precious environment for the future.

MIRAI are able to provide various surface treatment metal plating mainly, coating, anodic coating for aluminum and heat treatment.So, in the electronics industries that diversifies in high performance, we meet the expectation of our customer's

  • MIRAI can offer processed electric parts and plate it collectively.
  • With the support and cooperation of TSUNEKI METAL FINISHING Co,.LTD,MIRAI can provide various metal surface treatment.
  • MIRAI have affiliated company in Shibuya, CHINA. Its company is MAOYING ELECTRON(SHANGHAI)Co,.LTD.


STAMPING Our supplier have the equipment themselves with the facilities for metal stamping.
metal processing that can be produced Cutting/Shearing, Blanking, Piercing, Bending, Rolling, Drawing, Trimming, Notching, Burring, Embossing, Forming, Leveling, Curling,
Grooving, Flanging, Broaching, Beading, Ribbing, Bulging, Coining, Marking, Squeezing, Calking, Riveting, Lock-seaming, etc. etc.


Description Abbreviation Ratio of metal Vicker's hardness Electfical resistance
Gold plating Au-Co Au 99.7~99.9% Co 0.1~0.3% 150~200 2.3
Gold plating Au Au 99.99% 40~50 2.19
Gold-nickel alloy plating Au-Ni Au 98~99% Ni 1~2% 280~320 3.8~4.1
Rhodium plating Rh Rh 100% 800~1000 4.6
Silver plating Ag Ag 100% 160~200 1.51
Nickel-Palladium alloy plating Ni-Pd Ni 20% Pd 80% 450~550 10.4
Electrolytic Nickel plating Ni(bright) Ni 100% 400~450 8.5
Electrolytic Nickel plating Ni(half-bright) Ni 100% 300~350
Electrolytic Nickel plating Ni(non-brght) Ni 100% 150~250 6.9
Electroless Nickel plating KNi-F Ni 92% P 8% 500~550
Electroless Nickel-Boron alloy plating Ni-B Ni 99.5% B 0.5% 700~800 5.0~7.0
Copper plating Cu Cu 100% 200~250 1.7
Electrolytic(Black color)Nickel plating BNi Ni 99% Zn 0.5% S 0.5% 150~250
Tin-nickel alloy plating Sn-Ni Sn 70% Ni 30% 200~350
Tin-cobalt alloy plating Sn-Co Sn 70% Co 30% 500~550
Tin-copper alloy plating Sn-Cu Sn 99% Cu 1% 20~30 12.6
Tin plating Sn(bright) Sn 100% 20~30
Electroless Nickel plating(contained"PTFE") TM-AF Ni 82~84% P 7~9% PTFE 7~9% 300~350


Description Code name Coating color Special feature
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-1 Glossy black Feature that lubs slightly
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-2 Milk-white, etc. The color can be specified.
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-3 Glossy black Very hardness, Heat-resistant
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-4 Matt finish black Lubrication property
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-5 Slightly matt finish black Gloss is different from MF-3
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-7 Black Corrsion Resistance
Coating of the fluoric resin MF-8 Black Heat-resistant
Coating of molybdenum disulfide MM101,MM102 Gray The resistance of friction is low.
Coating of graphite MG501 Glossy black  
Coating of graphite MG503 Slightly matt finish black The wear is low.
Coating of graphite MG504,MG507 Matt finish black Externals are beautiful.
Coating of graphite MG508 Slightly matt finish black  


Heat treatment the conditions of the temperature and time
to stiffen berylium-copper alloy with heat treatment the condition with the fumace which is not oxidized, two hours at 315 Cels.,(Hv 360~)
to quench and temper SX 830 to 850 Cels., As for temperature and time, it is different by the shape of the parts.
to anneal stainless-steel by low temperature one hours at 350 to 400 Cels


Alumite Coating color Special feature
Anodic coating for aluminum and aluminum alloy white, black, gold, blue, sky-blue, gray, red, purple, light-green, bronze hardness, heat-resistance